Anniversaries and Beginnings

This is the first post on the new Words section of A Headland Hashed. I thought I'd be able to get away with not having a section like this entirely, but the practicality of having a place to post material that doesn't belong in the Images and Fiction sections seemed like reason enough to just go for it. I don't necessarily have a plan or particular direction I want to take this site, so I imagine it will be an evolving collection of various topics I find interesting or worth sharing.

With the beginnings out of the way, we can cut to the chase and get to the anniversaries. Today is January 17, 2016 - the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf War. This is relevant to me because I am not only currently living in Kuwait, but I was actually here during the Iraqi invasion of 1990.

A lot has happened in the 25 years since the invasion. Below is an image that I am sure many remember or have seen before at some point in their lives. It, of course, was taken by the prolific and extremely talented photographer, Steve McCurry.

Kuwait, 1991. Photograph by Steve McCurry.

Earlier this week, with no idea of the approaching anniversary (I found out about it today through McCurry's Instagram page, of all places) I found myself making a little trip into the northern desert of Kuwait. I happened across these three creatures, which I like to think are descendants of McCurry's camels:

Camels near the Sabah Al-Ahmed Nature Reserve, Kuwait.

I suppose first posts should provide background, context, and perhaps a clue as to what a particular website is all about. Let's forego all of that for the moment and just see what this becomes.